WM Supports Veterans

The call of reveille is a sound that signals the beginning of a new day. It serves as a reminder of purpose and mission. While the bugle may not wake you when you return to your civilian life, at Waste Management, you will find that sense of purpose and mission that is so familiar.

You will likely work with a fellow veteran at WM because one in fourteen of our employees is former military. In fact, we hire a veteran every day of the year.

Our non-veteran employees have shown endless support for military heroes. Many in the WM community have spouses, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents and grandparents who have served, just like you.

Our mission of environmental service may be different from the military. However, Waste Management and the Military share many common traits; the most important being the drive to be the best.

Hear our CEO talk about Waste Management's commitment to veterans.

See our Military Skills Translator to find recommended careers based on your service experience. 

If you are a veteran that needs help, please feel free to email our military recruiting team at VeteranAssistance@wm.com

WM Supports Veterans at Waste Mangaement